File Limits

Every company handles file attachments differently. This has all to do with quantities and sizes. Some companies will limit the number of files you can send at one time, and more likely – limits how large the files are. I do a few things to address these issues. I will go into detail in this page.

The first thing to address is number of files. When I send files, I compress all of the files that I wish to send into a single .zip file. .ZIP Files are supported by almost any modern operating system. This includes Windows 11, MacOS, and most versions of Linux. In most cases, the OS will treat a .zip file as a folder in a file manager. You can then choose to unzip the files, and open the appropriate files.

The next thing to address is the file size. I am going to assume that every email server will support 5MB in file sizes. If the .zip file is less than 5MB, I will just attach the file to the email. If the file size is greater than 5MB, I will upload the file to my Drop Box account, and provide you with the URL to where you can download the file. I will keep the file on the Drop Box account for at least 30 days, so you have a reasonable time frame in which you can download the file.