Verified Email

Starting 2022-April-19, I will be writing my personal email exclusively from my computer. My computer is locked, and requires either a biometric login, or a password to enter the PC. This is to make sure that visitors can not access my computer profile without my supervision. As mentioned, from this point on, I will send from the PC. This means to make sure the email you received from me will be verified.

Each email client will do something slightly different to display that an email is verified. You would have to look in your email client’s help file to find out how the client will display a verified email badge. If you do not see this badge with my email message, then I can not guarantee that the email actually came from me.

In Apple Mail, you will see “Security Signed (” with a badge that has a checkmark. In Mozilla, you will see a blue star next to my name, and S/MIME with a ribbon on the right hand side. In Gmail, there is no easy way to display it. You would see a down arrow next to to me. Selecting that arrow will display a green badge with a checkmark, and the words Verified Email. As you can see, every client is a little different, but should show something unique to display verified mail.

It has come to my attention that some email clients treat the certificate as an attached file. If this is the case with you, you can choose to install the certificate, or ignore it. The whole point of the certificate is to prove that sent you the email.

To learn more about getting your email account verified, you should go to If you are exclusively using a Mac PC, the instructions on how to set it up with the computer is towards the end of the video. You do not need a Windows PC to setup with a Mac.