Why Don’t You Answer Emails?

There could be a few reasons of why I won’t answer an email. Each of these reasons should seem somewhat apparent with the exception of the last one. However, in my opinion, all of these reasons are valid.

The first reason is you’re email is a scam or SPAM. In both instances, I just delete the email and let it be. If I respond to a scam, then I am violating my rules of not getting scammed. If I respond to a SPAM, then I tell the bot that the email is actively checked, and they should send more SPAM.

The second reason is if you got vulgar, or hostile in your email. When I communicate with someone, I behave in a civil manner, and expect the same of the person writing me an email. I had a person that insisted that I should give them $100, and when I refused to do so, they blamed all of their problems on me, and called me a few choice words.

The third reason is you won’t write more than a few sentences. In which instance, I will respond a couple of times asking that you write more. If you refuse to write more than a few sentences, then I am going to assume that you are not going to take our correspondence seriously. If you’re not going to invest your time in writing to me, I am not going to waste my time by entertaining you.