It would seem silly to place a set of rules when it comes to email, but sadly – that is the case. I don’t expect anything special, just some common courtesy, and regards to my time being valuable, and I don’t want to waste it over things that should go without saying. So here are my rules in no particular order, but all equally important.

Don’t Be Rude

Will you behave in this manner when out in public, or to a friend of yours? If the answer is no, then you probably should think before sending the email. Being rude will likely get me to ignore that section of your email. If your entire email is rude – then you might not get a reply.

No Very Short Emails?

Ask yourself this – Is this worth an international stamp? If the answer is no, then your email is likely not long enough. I know, it’s not a handwritten letter and you’re not using a stamp, but make your emails with subsistence. Writing just one or two sentences has a chance of not getting replied too, and if so – a request to make your emails longer. If you choose to not write with subsistence, then I am not going to entertain you.

No Proselytizing

If you must know, I am agnostic. I believe there might be an invisible higher being that at one time called for his followers to war with neighbors, but for some reason or another, I am not worshiping him/her. I am not angry at him. And at one time, I was faithful. I don’t pray, nor do I see a point to pray to some being that will not provide for basic prayers. In the end, I am not going to give attention to someone that ignores me.

With that being said, I don’t need nor desire to be converted. I am not offended by your faith, and if it works for you – wonderful. Religion, or even spirituality does not work for me.

No Hate Speech

If you are a racist, or bigot – we probably won’t get along. If you are such, and keep it to yourself, then fine. However, I am not going to entertain your hate with anything positive. At the very least, I will call you out on it.

No Romantic Proposals

Here is the thing – if you live outside of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania USA – I am not interested into any potential romantic ideas. I have done long distance relationships, and they didn’t work for me. I am guessing with you pursuing a relationship with me will also mean that your last romantic long distance relationship didn’t work neither.

I am OK with friends. Everyone of my email correspondences are long distance. If I were to cut out all of my long distance friendships, I will be stuck with less than 10 people (including professionals). With that being said, I am simply not interested.

No Money Schemes

If we never met, I am not likely to “lend” or give you money. And the fact that you are asking someone who lives below the poverty line for money probably doesn’t say a lot of good about you. If I had acquired some nice new shiny thing, it is because I chose to tell myself no with all of the minor things I would have wanted. I saved up for it, and in turn suffered. It could sometimes take years for me to acquire what said item. With that in mind, I shouldn’t have to suffer because you won’t do basic math (budget). So no, I will not send you my money.

Common Courtesy

Just be an all around decent person. If I suffer, don’t make fun of it. If you wish to give me your thoughts, then be willing to respect mine. If you no longer feel we are a good match – then send a severance email. And likewise, I will do the same.

No Personal Information

If you wish to know my personal residence address, or wish to know the last 4 digits of my social security number, the answer will simply be no, and possibly a severance of communication.

No Criminal Activity

I will not knowingly help you perform an illegal activity.

No Disrespect

If you are going to comment on my double chin, how unattractive I am, how I am some terrible thing – then we likely will not click.